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Welcome to my blog! I am a work from home mommy & wife that is sharing our journey to becoming debt free by living in our RV full-time!

I have lived in an RV on and off my whole life. As a child, my father’s work had us traveling around the United States to different job sites. I’ve lived in a motorhome and two different travel trailers. We’ve weathered all seasons in an RV and learned a few things along the way.


I decided to share what we have learned  when I received a lot of feedback about out latest adventure. My husband and I decided to work a seasonal job in Colorado while living in our RV. Our goal was to save money and get a few bills paid off. Lot’s of my friends stated how they wished that they could live that kind of adventure and escape their 9-5. Well let me just tell you this…


I have no desire to put my hard earned money into someone else’s pocket and be in any sort of debt. I’ve seen family members lose their homes after loved ones have passed and after my husband was laid off from just job in 2015, I personally don’t ever want to be in a situation where I have no idea where my family will live or how we will even buy food, EVER AGAIN!


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In writing this blog, I’m hoping to help those that have been in similar situations or those that just want an adventure. Keep in mind, I’ve done all this with my husband, two dogs (not small either-English Mastiffs) and my (now 4 years old) child.  It has never been an inconvenience or rough. We have enjoyed it.  Once our child starts getting ready for school (unless we decide to homeschool-which a lot of RVers do!) , we plan to buy some land and build a small home or tiny home- when that happens, I’ll be sure to let y’all know!

For now, RV living is what we are doing and I hope to inspire others to re-evaluate their current situation and know that there is a better way of living! I plan to share ways you can live in an RV during the different seasons and even how you can make money while you are in an RV.  We’ve had our hiccups and I hope by sharing them, I can help you avoid those.

Just remember, you only get one life- so enjoy it!


Happy RVing everyone! Stay tuned for informational posts on living the debt-free life!